Sanima Reliance Life Insurance

Retirement Plans

Insurance plans not only cover financial risk but also serve as an investment tool. But our life insurance company – Sanima Reliance’s retirement plans help you build wealth over time for your retirement through periodic installments. You put some of your savings into the policy, and we promise to provide you with a lump sum that can last for life.

In addition to investment prospects, these plans provide financial coverage to your family in case of death.

  • Endowment Assurance Plan
  • Endowment Assurance with Whole Life Plan
  • Sanima Reliance Dhan Sanchaye (Limited Payment Endowment cum Whole Life) Life Assurance


  • Sanima Reliance Dampati (Joint Life) Endowment Plan
  • Sanima Reliance Saral (Regular or Single Payment) Life Assurance Plan

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